Tarot and forgiveness

Photo by Fede Racchi http://www.flickr.com/photos/moja2/

Forgiving THEM is good for YOU.

I want to tell you how to make yourself feel better.

I want to talk about forgiveness…

Come back, you don’t understand! Continue reading

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Love tarot? It’s a gateway drug! (Part One)

Love tarot…

Love tarot

I can handle it. I can stop whenever I like. I’m in control, right!


Nope. Tarot is addictive. Worse than that, it’s a gateway drug… Continue reading

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Britcom Tarot – The Knight of Wands

Well, who in the world of British sitcoms could possibly help us understand the Knight of Wands?
It’s quite a tall order.
He’s forceful, he’s impulsive, he’s fiery, he can be very mean and hurtful, but he can also be a loyal defender.
He’s often portrayed as a redhead.

Knight Wands Radiant Rider


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Britcom Tarot – The Fool

britcom tarot

Understanding Tarot… using British comedy?


You heard me! It’s been staring me in the face!
When giving readings I try to find a familiar character, archetype or scenario in order to explain the card to the client. Not everybody gives a knowing nod when you say “Ah, the Empress!”
Despite somebody coming as far up the Tarot path to knock on the door and request a reading, the themes may be totally alien to them without a little translation. That’s when I start with the similes, metaphors, lyrics and impersonations.  Quite often I find that well-known characters from British comedy fit the bill perfectly.

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Reach out! Or ‘Being a Tarot Reader’



“Everything happens for a reason”

If you’ve ever baled rusty radiator juice from your bathroom floor at 2am during sub-zero temperatures, or glued your foot to the carpet with false nail adhesive you might be wondering if the term ‘everything’ is maybe a little too broad. I accept that even the bad things teach us something, so you could argue there’s a gain there, if only a reminder to watch where you’re dripping that thing.
However, sticking with the positive…  Continue reading

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In Dreams


Night night

Night night

Sometimes I pay attention to my dreams. Continue reading

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Destrife Tarot Party!

Ah, back in the swing, settled in the new home and back to work.

You really can’t call it work if you’re in good company and you’re being looked after, can you?
Let me explain…
Here are the ingredients of last Friday’s Destrife Tarot Party:


  1. Start with some home-made salsa, courtesy of one of the guests
    Fresh salsa

    Fresh salsa

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I’m back!

New home

New home

Well hello you lot!
Clara is BACK!

New home, so many changes, completely refreshed.
Here I am, back on the Destrife BMX, doing wheelies all over the shop.

I’m sorry I left you for so long, but you know what the internet is like.
Besides, I’m all about quality, not quantity. I’ve got lots to tell you about my travels, so you’ll be glad you stuck with your aunt Clara all this time.

And what have you been up to? Hmmm?

I’m really looking for ward to my first tarot party in aaaaaages on Friday. Imagine, a house full of brilliant ladies, all joining the Destrife club, with chilli and vino flowing.
What more could a girl want? Can’t wait to meet them all.
I’ll let you know how it goes..

In the meantime, tell me what’s been going on with you, what hasn’t been going on with you, what you’re hoping to make happen in the next few weeks.
Let’s see if I can help you out with it.

Right, signing out for now, but see you all very very very soon.

Luv, Clara x




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Surround yourself with stuff that inspires you

Put kettle on

I like spots, ok!

I love it when a parcel arrives.
Last week I got a spotty teabag dish to match my spotty mug, a CD featuring my gorgeous cousin singing IN A STUDIO, and some personalised socks with my name spelt wrong. I’m assured that they cost 29 new pence.

The thought was there...




This week promises to be no less rewarding.
Yesterday my Housewives Tarot deck arrived.
Oh my goodness, it is amazing!

Housewives Tarot

If you like kitsch 1950s Americana, jokes about Martini-soused housewives and general retro glamour, then these are a brilliant set of cards. Continue reading

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How to motivate your children by swearing at them

You've a lot to learn, kid

Knight and King of Wands?

I’m moving house.

I’d been away all week visiting friends and family, drunk my folks’ shed dry, got hit with a few delays, missed something I’d really been looking forward to and just felt totally wiped.
In the midst of this, I’d been trying to find the energy to get my work done, fit in the tarot sessions I’d promised AND move house.
How on earth would I get everything done?

A taste of my own medicine! A Mini-Destrife! Turn a card! Continue reading

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